Shagya-Araber Equi League Challenge

Seoptember 2020 Scedule:

You can download the scedule as PDF 

Final day for registration: 23.09.2020 20:00

In order to take part in the ARABIAN HORSES EQUI-LEAGUE CHALLENGE you first have to register under All that remains is:


1. Naming your classes

2. Dress up for competion

3. Ride your test, film it with your smartphone and upload the required videos


  • As this is a online competition you can ride your test at home or at the closest arena available to you (requirements see below)
  • You can find two video tutorials showing you how the competition takes place on Equi-League*. We have also provided a guideline for the dressage, but strongly advice to read all information on Equi-League under FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and How-To carefully!!!
  • The entry fee  is split between Equi-League and us, so that you will support our future work with 5 €. This money will for example help us to organize next years competition which hopefully will be a live event taking place in Aukrug 2021
  • You will have a specified starting time for every test and both horse and rider have to show up in competition outfit . All Tests are filmed with your smartphone or tablet and afterwards uploaded to Equi-League
  • The jury will judge and comment the uploaded videos. Each pair will be ranked directly after the last pair of a class has been judged
  • Protocols and score are available in your Equi-Leage profile 
  • There will be no prize money this time, but rosettes from our sponsors ZSAA/ISG and honor prizes for the best Shagya-Arabian in classes E plus A plus honor prizes for the best participants with a Shagya-Arabian Horse in classes E and classes A
  • No FN Guest Licence required
  • Even if the final day of entry is  23.09. 2020, we advice to register early, as classes can first be named after the required pages from the horses passport or breeding certificate have been uploaded too and checked by Equi-League.
  • The filming has to be done with your smartphone. It is advisable  to use the 720p resulution as suggested by Equi-League in order to keep the amount of data low. This will speed up the uploading process
  • If you register your mobile phone number you can get the code required to be named or filmed at the beginning of each video via SMS. That way you will be able to participate even if you do not have a good internet connection at the arena itself


As we have been answering a number of questions during the last week, this information might also be helpful to you:



Dressage Competition:


1. You need a 20x40 arena for the dressage tests. It does not have to look like a proper competition arena. You can see a good example when you take a look at the video here: 


2. You can download all programs from my.equi-league after you have chosen “ARABIAN HORSES EQUI-LEAGUE CHALLENGE” in “Entries”


3. Side rains are allowed for class 1 (RE4)


4. If you have a young & less experienced horse as well as an experienced one, you can start with the young horse in the rookie classes and the ability class and can compete with your experienced horse in all other classes


5. Classes 8 (L10), 9 (M3) and 10 (M7) can be ridden with either curbed or snaffle bit


6. If you ride several classes with the same horse on the same day the full 15 minute Warm Up video is only required for the first test. The videos for the 2nd and 3rd test can be shorter




If you ride several classes with the same horse on the same day the full 15 minute Warm Up video is only required for the first test. The videos for the 2nd and 3rd test can be shorter. 


We thank our sponsors & partners for their support:

Zuchtverband für Sportpferde Arabischer Abstammung e. V.


Verband der Züchter und Freunde des Arabischen Pferdes e.V.

Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft

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