"Arabische Sportpferde im Norden" 2023



From 21. to 23. July 2023 our third competition for Shagya-Arabian (ShA), Fullblood Arabian (OX), Arabian (X), Anglo-Arabian horses and Arabian Partbred (at least  25 % arabian blood) will take place in  Schleswig-Holstein. The competition with dressage and jumping classes is carried out in cooperation with Reitverein Aukrug e.V.  and arranged alongside its dressage competition.


Venue:  HeidkatenHof in 24613 Aukrug



Please note: Only classes 17 to 29 are part of the competition for arabian horses!


Please also see the invitation including further information. Pleae use the Entry Form to enter your horse for the competition!!



Preliminary Schedule:

Friday afternoon: 21, 24, 26

Saturday morning: 22, 23, 25, 27 afternoon: 17, 20, 28, 29

Sunday morning: 18, 19 





Athletes from foreign countries must present a valid guest licence from the German NF - Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung (FN) together with the entry by closing time of declarations - Request for Guest Licence as PDF


All horses must be free from contagious disease and must come from a stable which is free of contagious disease. Acc. to the German Show Rules (LPO) they must be effectively vaccinated against influenza. A vaccination against herpes is desirable. The horse passport/vaccination certificate has to be presented. The passport must be presented. In case of missing the passport with the necessary vaccinations, the horse is not allowed to enter the venue. 


All horses must have liability insurance.